Dia Koinonia

Dear Dia Koinonia members,

I am so excited to be back at Trinity!  I hope you all had a wonderful summer break and I can’t wait to hear about your many adventures!  Whether you traveled out of town to visit family or new places or you just hung aroundCharlotteand tried to stay cool, I bet you have some great stories to share.

I would like to welcome all members, both new and returning, to the Dia Koinonia:

Lindsay Rogich (8), Camyn Bodden (8), Charlie Mercer (8)

Mary Catherine Beecy (7), Lucy Murrey (7), Lucy Conant-Keim (7),

Tait McMillian (7), Derek Burgess (7)

Jailyn Feliz (6),DavisGrubb (6), Kayla Danner (6)

In case you were wondering, Koinonia is a Greek word for “fellowship of the spirit” often appearing in the New Testament in reference to the groups of disciples of the early church.  Each student belongs to a koinonia group with 10-12 other middle school students and one adult leader.  We will meet as a group every morning for attendance and “check in” and also several times a week for community building activities and games.  My role as your Koinonia Leader is to be your advocate, to help support your individual needs and to add some fun into your day!

We will continue to meet on the third floor, in room 321. I hope you’ll be able to drop by school for the “Wildcat Roundup” from 4:30-6 in classrooms. If you are still trying to squeeze in some more summertime play and can’t make it, I will see you on the first day of school.

Our middle school retreat is August 24th—26. We will be visitingMontreat,NC and working with the Asheville Youth Mission. I’ve enclosed forms YOU MUST COMPLETE and return by Monday 8/15. If those forms are not on file, you may not go with us so get them back to the front desk at Roundup!!

This year it is our strong desire to have every child enter the building at 7:45! You can stay connected with our koinonia plans and activities by checking our Middle School Language Arts and Koinonia blog at https://tesmsla.wordpress.com/ .


Mr. de’Angelo Dia



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